Strategy Laughing

Time is charcoal stick smoking into lingering twirling events of people pissing in zippers and knees knocking and adversity chilling with anticipation as the earth rolling with a fucking crazy rat inside laughing like poisoned by Germanic scientist since inventions costing the queen looked up teeth smiling between both lips ..goofing and barking by […]

Protecting the Unicorns Beneath the Sea: The Secret Seahorse Colony of Long Beach

Originally posted on Longreads:
Every five days for the past three years, Rog Hanson has driven two hours in the middle of the night to visit his colony of four Pacific seahorses, dubbed Bathsheba, Deep Blue, Daphne, and CD Street. As Deborah Netburn reports at the Los Angeles Times, the colony’s location in the waters…

Remembering João Gilberto

Originally posted on Longreads:
Music is contradictory. Highly personal expressions can become hugely popular. Tradition can be reinvented as something completely new. Understatement can often get a point across the most forcefully. Few musicians embody these contradictions more than composer, singer, and guitarist João Gilberto, who died on July 6, at age 88. Gilberto almost…


ok…whatever..ever heard of Heli..Mechelzedek..Osiris..33 ce..three on the cross..the fourth cross missing?.. The four agreements since …Genesis chapters one through three..the questions .. The Genesis 3:15. .the Eve..evenings. ..eaves..eaves dropping? New Year’s Eve..the 66 books of divine inspired truth …the fullfiment ? the truth of sovereignty ? Heli told truth..Do not…Do not die…the investigator of truth […]

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