Strategy Laughing

Time is charcoal stick smoking into lingering twirling events of people pissing in zippers and knees knocking and adversity chilling with anticipation as the earth rolling with a fucking crazy rat inside laughing like poisoned by Germanic scientist since inventions costing the queen looked up teeth smiling between both lips ..goofing and barking by grunted hoodies ratting rotten vegetables not knowing parts…laughing ..charging..waiting like a fast fucking dirty preacher politician grabbing some clone teen needled by sick doctor’s diry herine needles ..can’t remember shit… fucking god the voters voted for sex, drugs, and grafting gonads of zoo creations yoodooling at Whitehouse chicks ungiving..selfish of their glorious kingdom of the purest

what you stressing out for ? you folks drowning? watching the weeds underwater? Feeling stupid taking scubav tanks to college class that caused you a crisis cuz daddy can’t budget? who HER?

HA..HA..I gonna sleep now..too tired to sweat my ass for TRUMPETEER elephant men..ha ha..

In the mean while meaningful..keep on..keep on jerking your own…

I….am…strategy GOD’s perfect timing…

can’t drown? can’t burn? can’t breathe? can’t fly?

my advice..let the water swallow you…let the fire consume you..let the air choke you..let the feast of flying creatures have a taste ..Earth is offering a pass over…eat much..drink much..till there’s no more want…

love the them them them screaming…more and more and more till no more….till evening daunted..tii a new dawn rises …till GOD is finished..

a men? ah yes! so shall it be…

I am the smoker..the world is mine for gehenna burning and the light has come for but awhile..then..the children of the wicked do wicker out like a flickering candle bout to be extinguished by waters death in the air ..keep on keep on….

Published by Mr.VAMIRE3671

I am informant to Secret Service..U.S.A and been informant to fighting specifically trafficking...leading into other informant investigations of, Federal Violations of Trafficking.... involving current events....

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