ok…whatever..ever heard of Heli..Mechelzedek..Osiris..33 ce..three on the cross..the fourth cross missing?.. The four agreements since …Genesis chapters one through three..the questions ..

The Genesis 3:15. .the Eve..evenings. ..eaves..eaves dropping? New Year’s Eve..the 66 books of divine inspired truth …the fullfiment ? the truth of sovereignty ?

Heli told truth..Do not…Do not die…the investigator of truth and attorney to GOD and truth of do not die…the attorney to the ones who cannot speak into Adam’s partaking lies after slanders after endless blood partaking ..beginning with a lamb..speechless, innocent…Heli however stayed until 66 books are finished as faithful and true witness word of God….

Revelation 4:11 is the TRUE GOD…the son of man born of Mary..hidden in a genetic book..cut off by mankind..faithfully and loyal true witness as Heli..from three on the death friendly earth..the one truth perfect stately man born of Heli leanage..and Thomas everything as the Gita…missing…the water since flood Heli..closed ark outside..drowned and swallowed by The Great Flood ..the baptism of Earth..born of water lives and risen as four in one..2004.. age 33.. hidden in name of Mary..became Benji…

From Heli to mechelzedeck unto Moses to Elijah to Job…the Benji ..from the eaves of far eastern gates..the gehenna smoker remains as five..baptized by Fire in 2018 ..since the world was Baptized by fire in 2012… kept secret by the great city of Babylon the Great ..mother of harlots..whoredome conspiracy against Heli son of GOD…still faithful and true witness and living word..tell many stories of great mysteries with tales of many books the 66 not contain..bear witness..unto..the modern world..Good Evening….

Published by Mr.VAMIRE3671

I am informant to Secret Service..U.S.A and been informant to fighting specifically trafficking...leading into other informant investigations of, Federal Violations of Trafficking.... involving current events....

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