well..I have seen myself..looking into eyes ..green turn to blue…blue turn into green..the possibilities are everchanging..how many times must one step into water to cause an effect? How many neglect? step into water full of rip tide? or effects of sea horses becoming like scary aquatic…life that becomes a nightmare? my stories very horrific realities from cute tales to children..is as retrogression adult horror..thrillers for descretion advised selected readers…entertainment..question…retrogression?


Every five days for the past three years, Rog Hanson has driven two hours in the middle of the night to visit his colony of four Pacific seahorses, dubbed Bathsheba, Deep Blue, Daphne, and CD Street. As Deborah Netburn reports at the Los Angeles Times, the colony’s location in the waters off Long Beach, California is a guarded secret. Together, he and fellow seahorse enthusiast Ashley Arnold have spent hours upon hours under the sea observing and documenting the colony’s behavior and sharing what they learn with scientists. For him, it’s a calling he was drawn to after a close, very personal encounter with a whale; for her, diving is a way to do good and help manage the PTSD she has as a result of her military service.

If you get Hanson talking about his seahorses, he’ll tell you exactly how many times he’s seen them (997), who…

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I am informant to Secret Service..U.S.A and been informant to fighting specifically ...sex trafficking...leading into other informant investigations of, Federal Violations of Trafficking.... involving current events....

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